Open Doors/ Let The dead in
september 20th - november 8th, 2019
Opening Friday, september 20th, 2019 6-9PM



Opening Reception: September 20th 6-9PM
“Watch Out For The Big Girls” Poetry event: October 5th 6-9PM
Artist Panel with Jerrell Gibbs and Saida Agostini: November 2nd 2-5PM
Closing Ceremonies and Artist Conversation November 8th


Waller Gallery presents its last two exhibitions of 2019! We will present two exhibitions to the public running simultaneously: “Open Doors” and “Let The Dead In.” Open Doors is an exhibition that showcases the many ways an art practice can open figurative and literal doors for the artist and the viewer. Waller Gallery and a sample of artists from Make Studios are collaborating on the exhibition to share their work with a larger community while highlighting the importance of uplifting the art practices of artists with disabilities. 

Let The Dead In is a meditation on traditions of resistance, violence, and blackness. Artist and poet Saida Agostini uses photographs, projections, and audio to explore the mythology of black and brown bodies in Guyana. In Agostini's own words “we have reclaimed the fantastic to build our own language of survival.” The combination of “Open Doors” and “Let The Dead In” are winter break homework for those who do not explore these ideas on a regular basis. Children of all ages are encouraged to come, learn, and grow through the work on display.

Saida Agostini

Saida Agostini

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