Chai| by Gerry Mak

Chai| by Gerry Mak


S, M, L, XL Available. Please inquire about smaller and larger sizes

The Chinese character [pronounced chai] on the shirt is the same as the character in the "Destroy" series, it means "dismantle/destroy." The face is the artist Gerry Mak’s face that was on a t-shirt that American Apparel sold to promote their in-house radio station on which Mak had a metal show. The artist never saw any money from those shirts, so this shirt is an attempt to re-appropriate his own image.


Gerry Mak b. 1979 is a visual artist based in Westchester County, NY. His work is largely influenced by media spectacle, propaganda art, and advertisement. He has painted his entire life. A product of the psychedelic whirlwind of Internet Age pop culture, Mak draws from propaganda, advertisements, street art, and folk art to explore themes of identity in the Chinese diaspora as well as politicized trauma in contemporary America.